Old News - 2013


19th September Finally updated the Championship pages with our 25 Championship, congratulations to Rob.
25th July Another fine evening for the last ride of our Evening 10 Season
Evening 10, 24-07-13 results here. Thanks to all the riders who took part this year.
And, it was great to see Nick back riding with a new helmet despite strapped up fingers!
18th July What a difference a month makes, it's now the longest heat wave since 2006!
And the Club Championship 10; congratulations to our 2013 Champion, Rob Lind.
Evening 10, 03-07-13 results here.
Evening 10, 10-07-13 results here.
Evening 10, 17-07-13 results here.

And best wishes for a speedy return to racing to Nick who came off last night during the TT.
27th June Another good turn out and very little wind. 26-06-13 results here.
     Don't forget the 75km Anniversary ride rerun - 30th June from Novellos.
     Meet up at 09:15.   Contact Shaun for more details.
19th June Goodish weather this evening, not at all nice last week - where is our summer?
Evening 10, 12-06-13 results here.
Evening 10, 19-06-13 results here.
6th June Lovely weather yesterday evening, lets hope this is the summer at last! Evening 10, 05-06-13 results here.
30th May Despite the unpleasant weather, we still had riders turn up! 29-05-13 results here.
22nd May A rather nasty headwind is the reason for the slower times (of most) this evening. 22-05-13 results here.
16th May A pleasant evening and a good turn out for our Evening 10 last night. 15-05-13 results here.
9th May Despite the appalling weather, four brave souls raced in our Evening 10. 08-05-13 results here.
4th May Congratulations to Danny Axford of Arctic SRAM RT who won the Mal Rees Open 10. Full results here.
2nd May Start Sheet for the Mal Rees Open 10 for the 4th of May.
Also, the evening results for last season are now complete
1st May A good start to our Club Evening 10 season, results here.
28th April Our Club Evening 10 season begins again on Wednesday 1st May, 1st rider off at 19:45.
Same prices as last year, 3.50 for members & 4.00 for guests.
17th April Regretfully, due to logistical problems, we have had to cancel the 25 mile TT on the 21st of April.
Also, Geoff (Wally) Warlow lost an argument with the road last week and has broken his elbow and cracked his pelvis!
Hopefully by now he will be at home recuperating.
21 March Tidied up the site ready for the new season and posted the 2013 TTs