Old News - 2006

7 September 2006 Not a very good year for Evening 10s this year, 7 events cancelled compared to only 3 last year!
Also disappointing is that where last year there were 74 entries by MRC riders in the Evening 10s, this year there were only 32,  Where are you all?

Still, at least I've got the final results for the Club Championships.
31 August 2006 Well, I come back from holiday and not much riding has taken place, what with rain and roadworks just one result... 16 August results.
10 August 2006 A bit cooler than of late and only two riders; I guess most people must be on holiday, 09 August results.
07 August 2006 Link to 02 August results (below) corrected, thanks Jorj.
03 August 2006 Lovely weather over the last couple of weeks, but not many riders; 26 July results and 02 August results.
And finally the results for the Arch Harding Memorial 50 which was run on 23-07-2006.
20 July 2006 One of the hottest days of the year and a closely contested Championship 10, congratulations to Steve Yates, this years Champion.
Full results of the last 10 at Maidenhead this year, 19 July results.
13 July 2006 A lovely day followed by a lovely evening, 12 July results.
05 July 2006 After a day of thunder, lighting and heavy rain I was surprised when we actually got three riders! 05 July results.
29 June 2006 Fairly calm evening, but fast for some riders, 28 June results.
And, at long last, I've posted the results for last years Championships and the results for last years Arch Harding Memorial Open 50.
24 June 2006 Due to a clash with the MRC trip to the Tour de France, the date for the Club Championship 50 has been changed to Sunday 23 July .
22 June 2006 Not a bad couple of weeks of racing, 14 June results and 21 June results.
Also, the dates for the Club Championship races are now posted on the Championship page.
08 June 2006 Despite a hour long torrential downpour just before the start, which caused a few riders to decide to go home and practice on rollers, we actually had nine riders willing to risk a soaking, 07 June results.
01 June 2006 At last! I've got some results, 31 May results. Not a bad evening but nothing like the weather we had this time last year.
24 May 2006 That's another two weeks with no racing due to rain!  And we've still got a hose pipe ban.  Fingers crossed for better weather next week.
10 May 2006 Funny weather this evening which probably scared away a few riders (hail, rain, thunder & lightning!) but we still got three who rode, 10 May results.
03 May 2006 Another lovely evening for racing, 03 May results.
29 April 2006 At last, 26 April results! A lovely evening but only 6 riders.
19 April 2006 No evening 10s this week or last I'm afraid - rain stopped play.
Lets hope we have better weather at Fifield next week.
02 April 2006 Results for the Mal Rees Memorial 10 mile TT posted.
Congratulations to Danny Axford of Arctic Shorter Rochford RT who won in 21.01.
Riders stats updated to show the times of MRC riders.
26 March 2006 Start Sheet for the Mal Rees Memorial 10 mile TT posted.
09 March 2006 Clubs Runs page updated to reflect the fact that there are no longer any Club Runs starting in Uxbridge, please have a look at the Club Runs page for further details.
07 March 2006 Results for the WLC 10 on 05-03-2006 posted.
03 March 2006 Best wishes to Bob Burke who is currently recovering from a hip replacement operation.
As a consequence Bob will not be organising the Mal Rees Open this year, however Jacqui Warinton has volunteered to take over the role.    Please send entries to Jacqui.
31 January 2006 Following information received from former member and club champion Ray Green, the Club Records have been amended to show the records for the Vets. 12 Hour Solo and the Vets. 24 Hours Solo being held by Arch Harding with +44.57 and +101.17 respectively.
18 January 2006 Evening 10s for 2006 posted.  
16 January 2006 Club Runs to April and Open Events posted.