Old News - 2005

20 October 2005 Updated Club Runs to Christmas.
14 September 2005 No racing on the 24th of August due to rain, but 4 and 3 hardy souls turned out for the last two rides this year:  30th August results and 6th September results.
Honourable mention to John Sullivan who has just achieved two more PBs for the 10 and the 25.
21 August 2005 Another very pleasant evening at Fifield but only 8 riders. 17th August results.
14 August 2005 Not a very good turn out for a very pleasant evening. 10th August results.
6 August 2005 No results for the 27th of July as rain stopped play.
Sunny but windy so some slower times for 3rd August.
24 July 2005 Chance of a medal and they all come pouring out of the woodwork!  14 MRC riders for the Club Championship with a field of 24 riders,   20th July results.
17 July 2005 A very warm evening,   13th July results.
10 July 2005 Another windy evening with most people going back on last weeks times,   6th July results.
There has been a major update of the Riders Stats. page, please check your details.
And well done to John Sullivan, another PB.
3 July 2005 Bit of a breezy evening,   29th June results.
I'm pleased to be able to report that Nigel Downing, who was knocked off last week, has escaped with just bad bruising.
25 June 2005 That's better, 8 Middlesex Riders!  22th June results.
However, best wishes go to Nigel Downing of the Thames Valley Triathletes who was knocked off his bike while competing. Concussion and possibly a broken arm, more details when I get them.
18 June 2005 Ok; so it wasn't as nice as last week and it was a little overcast but where were the Middlesex Riders?  7 riders but no MRC!  15th June results.
10 June 2005 What a difference from last week!  Great conditions and some very good times, 8th June results.
4 June 2005 Dark, dismal, dreary and dangerous, rain stopped play.
27 May 2005 Another good turnout and a lovely evening for a change, 25th May results.
22 May 2005 A good turnout but a chilly evening for the first Maidenhead Thicket 10s, 18th May results. Bad luck for Rob when his saddle broke just a couple of miles out.
13 May 2005 What a difference a week makes; 9 riders for the last of the early season Fifield 10s, 11th May results.
It's Maidenhead Thicket for the next 10 weeks racing.
8 May 2005 Only 3 riders for the second of the Fifield 10s, 4th May results.
28 April 2005 Not too cold yesterday evening but the wind slowed everybody down on the first of the Fifield 10s, 27th April results.
Also, a bit of a treat , I've added a picture to the gallery.
19 April 2005 A bit of a cold evening with a bit of a breeze led to slow times, only one Middlesex rider for this evenings 10, 19th April results.
13 April 2005 Posted the results for the Mal Rees Open and the results for the first evening 10 of the year.
13 March 2005 Added the first riders stats for 2005.
14 February 2005 Evening 10s posted.  Still tidying up.
Added a link to the new LWDC site.
29 December 2004 Club Runs to April posted.  Tidying up ready for the new season.