Old News - 2004

29 December 2004 Club Runs to April posted.  Tidying up ready for the new season.
8 November 2004 Results for the Arch Harding Memorial Open 50 posted.
19 October 2004 Posted Club Runs to Christmas, the 'new' Committee and increased subscriptions; still only 15 quid for full membership.

1 September 2004

I'm sorry to announce that Keith Button lost his long fight against illness on Sunday 29th of August.
On behalf of the Club, may I offer our condolences to his family.
Only one MRC rider for the last of the evening 10's, 31 August results.
31 August 2004 No results for Tuesday 24 August, raining again I'm afraid.
Our 25 Champion for this year on scratch is John Sullivan and winner on handicap is Peter Bache.  Championship results.
22 August 2004 Not many riders for the last outing at Fifield this year, but considering the sporadic rain not really surprising.  18 August results.
Congratulations go to Jacqui Warinton who got a personal best and beat the Womens 10 Club Record with 22.40 on 14th August.
And congratulations to Chris Vessey who, with a distance of 203.00 miles in the National 12Hr Championship, won the V.T.T.A. Age band 60-69 on standard (which includes the V.T.T.A. Champions Jersey) and the R.T.T.C. National Championship - Age band 60-64.
And finally, I've added some more articles to Mutters+.
15 August 2004 Only 5 riders for this evening, the Vets rode during the afternoon and were all too tired to ride in the evening!  11 August results.
Library News - Please contact John Coles with any library enquiries.
08 August 2004 Not a bad turnout after some threatening weather.  4 August results.
Jacqui Warinton is our 50 champion this year both on scratch and handicap.  Championship results.
31 July 2004 After last week it was a little disappointing to have just 7 riders for our first outing back at Fifield.  28 July results.
24 July 2004 Chance of a bit of silverware and they all come out to play.  A field of 21 riders with no less than 14 Middlesex riders for the Championship 10!  21 July results.
Our 10 Champion for this year on scratch is John Sullivan and winner on handicap is Nick Silva.  Click here for the Championship results.
18 July 2004 No results for the evening of 7 July as, once again, rain stopped play.  
A good turn out this week though.   14 July results.
04 July 2004 Thanks to the CTT, most of the links to course details now work.
03 July 2004 No results for the evening of 23 June as rain stopped play.  In fact Jim, standing in for Wally, was the only person who turned up.
This week was breezy again but no rain.  30 June results.
Please note, all of the links to course details are broken. The London West District web site no longer exists, a terrible shame (Imo) as it was a great resource for the district.
18 June 2004 A bit breezy, but dry this week.  16 June results.
11 June 2004 A light shower before the start had the riders concerned, but the event turned out fairly dry.  A field of 14 this week.  9 June results.
John Sullivan got another personal best this week, 23.32!
05 June 2004 Quite a nice evening, but only a field of 8.  2 June results.
Also, this week John Sullivan got under 24 minutes for a 10, not bad considering his first ever time trial was on the 13th of April (he did 26.49). Keep up the good work John.
28 May 2004 Not a very nice evening, heavy rain before the off meant only a small field at the start. 26 May results.
21 May 2004 Not enough air apparently, but some very respectable times for our second outing at the Thicket. 19 May results.
13 May 2004 A cool but pleasant evening.  Eleven riders for the first of the Thicket evening 10s and, at last, a respectable showing from the Middlesex. 12 May results.
05 May 2004 Despite awful weather all day, not a bad evening. Seven riders turned out this evening, two of them from our club! results.
01 May 2004 Good showing today for the Mal Rees Memorial, not much wind and quite a bit of traffic, results. (updated 03 May)
29 April 2004 Windy but dry, once again 6 riders but this time more than half the field were Middlesex riders, results here.
23 April 2004 Another Evening 10 lost to the rain.
Start sheet for the Mal Rees Memorial 10 mile TT to be held on the 1st of May.
13 April 2004 Little bit windy, but no rain - and only one Middlesex rider!   Still, 6 hardy souls cycled around the Black Park course, so we have results.
06 April 2004 No racing tonight, rain stopped play.
Club runs to Midsummer posted.
14 March 2004 I've finally posted the TimeTrial timetable for 2004.
I've also tinkered with the navigation and after a lot of nagging I've started putting together a Gallery.  There's not much there yet, but it will grow.  If you have any suitable pics please get in touch.
09 Jan. 2004 No news as such, but the Club Runs up to April are posted and there will be some tweaking over the next couple of weeks.
Have a success filled 2004.