Old News - 2002

18 November 2002 Added the TDF2003 trip information to the Social page and a little bit more tweaking.
We're back to a single pub (The Stag, Wexham Street) for the club nights, so there is no excuse for turning up at the wrong one.
14 October 2002 New Club Runs (now with added Alternative Club Run), new Commitee (well, re-elected is closer to the truth) and a little bit of site tweaking.  And I've turned down the colour on the SUBSCRIPTIONS reminder below (don't tell Gail)
12 September 2002 A gentle nudge from John Morgan, subs for are now due.
£10 for first claim, £5 for second claim; cheques, postal orders or bankers draft to John please - his address is in Mutters.  Please note Gail picked this colour, not me!
11 September 2002 Our last open event of the year, The Arch Harding Memorial TT, was won on Sunday by Kevin Dawson in 1.39.33, with Gethin Butler 2nd at 1.42.15 and Steve Hunt 3rd at 1.44.36.  Karen Steele was fastest lady with 1.56.36 with Carole Gandy just trailing her at 1.56.42.
08 September 2002 The Club Championships for 2002 are now complete and the results for the Championship 25 are now on the Championship page.
03 September 2002 Well, that's the Evening 10s finished for another year.  Not a very good turn out, only six riders, but no falls this week.  final results.
So it's back to the pubs for the Club Nights (which is where this WebMonkey has been all season).   First club night is 17th of Sept. at the Seven Stars - please note the change in venue for the third Tuesdays of each month.
Honourable mention this week goes to Norman - second on standard at the North Midlands Championships!!!
27 August 2002 Back to Black Park for the penultimate Evening 10 of the season.  Not a bad evening, but Rod came off and got a nasty case of gravel rash (thankfully no broken bones).  results here.
Also, Mick and Gail beat their 2 up record with a new time of 24.27 on the E1/10 last weekend
22 August 2002  It was a fine evening for our last visit to Fifield for this season, results are here.
15 August 2002 No rain and no roadworks last night so we've got results.
I normally leave other racing to Steve in the Mutters, but I have to mention Rod, Jim C. and Pat who won the team at the VTTA event yesterday afternoon on the Fifield course.  The remarkable thing is that Pat punctured and finished the race on a touring bike borrowed from a spectator - well done guys and whoever you are that lent Pat your bike - many thanks.
07 August 2002 To say it rained this evening would be an understatement, so no racing again.   Thankfully the weather was o.k. last weekend and Norman went out to the F1/100 and got the 100 record back with a time of +82.14... your turn Rod.
1 August 2002 No racing last night due to rain, but at least the pub was open.
However, the vets have been at it again.  Rod has equalled Normans 10 record and managed to take the 100 record with +72.40.  Norman, not to be out done, now has the 50 record with +42.42.
25 July 2002 Back to Fifield again for a few weeks, but disaster, the pub was being refurbished.  Not that a small detail like that is going to stop the testers - results,  and the results for 10 July are also posted.
22 July 2002 The results for the Championship 10 and the Championship 50 are now on the Championship page.
The records page has changed again!  In a nutshell, Lez has the trike 10 record of +7.41, Rod has bettered his solo 50 record with +39.23 and Gails 10 time is +3.13, not +3.01.
18 July 2002 The Championship 10 was well supported last night with 12 Middlesex RC riders in the field of 20, full TT results.  I'll put the Championship results up as soon as I can along with the results for the 10 last week.
The records page has changed again.  Rod pointed out to me last night that he doesn't have a trike, let alone any trike records... just goes to show you shouldn't believe everything you read.
08 July 2002 Typical... you wait ages for a new Vets record and then 5 turn up all at once.  To sum up:-
   Rod now has the 30 Solo with +23.32 and the 10 Tricycle with +7.41. See above.
   Lez improves on his previous 25 Tricycle record with +11.49.
   Norman now has the 25 Solo with +21.45.
   Gail has improved on her 10 Solo record with +3.01.
Results will be a little late this week - I'm off to get towed around France by Gail and Mike Crane.
04 July 2002 Second Evening 10 cancellation of the year, and it was nothing to do with the weather - the traffic on the A4 through Knowl Hill was solid and very slow moving; probably due to the Henley Regatta.
No sooner do I get the Vets records on line than Rod goes and gets the 50 Solo with +39.09 (on the H50/14).
Latest news is that Jim Edwards has a broken bone in his right hand and has loose teeth but is recovering.  Peggy also told Gail that he has a dent in his head, but I'm not sure if that's anything to do with the accident.
27 June 2002 Jim Edwards' record of 100% appearances at the Evening 10s was dashed last night when he was knocked off his bike while warming up.  Jim was coming down the A4 from Knowl Hill towards the start when he was hit by a car turning right into the Chinese restaurant, driven by a woman who "didn't see him".  Thankfully Jim escaped with a bit of bruising and shock but I'm not sure how bad the bike has been damaged.  The Paramedics and Police were at the scene very quickly so hats off to them.  More details when I have them.
Although the riders were all a bit shocked by the accident the event went ahead, full results here.
25 June 2002 I've been prompted to add all of the Vets records to the records pages by Norman who has recently raised the bar for the 10 to +8.08 (on the P613, 8th June).
Also I've been getting it in the neck from Gail since she beat her 10 record again, it's now 23.54 (P613, 15th June). ("Lez has his name in red, why can't I have my name in red....." anything for a quiet life.)
My apologies to both Norman and Gail for not getting their achievements on the site earlier.
20 June 2002 No rain last night, but apparently there wasn't enough wind(!?).  Lez got changed into his kit, and then realized that his shoes were still at home.  But feel sorry for David T. who missed his start time (he was using the clock on his computer) and then to put the icing on the cake - he punctured!   full results
13 June 2002 More rain last night, but it didn't start until most of the riders had finished, so this week we've got results!
05 June 2002 I'm afraid this week the rain won, so no results.  But I have added a summary of the Evening 10 results for all the MRC riders, if you find it useful please let me know. (There is also a link from the time trials page).
30 May 2002 The weather for last nights 10 wasn't as cold as last week, but the wind seemed just that little bit harder.  It didn't seem to bother Alisdair or Jim Edwards who both improved on last weeks times.
23 May 2002 Right, I think I'm up to date now.   The results for the 15 May evening 10 and the results for last nights (cold and windy) 10 are both posted.  I'm not sure what John is doing in training but it seems to be getting results, and it was good to see Peter racing again after his recent op.
21 May 2002 Sorry for the delay, normal service is nearly resumed; the full results for the Mal Rees Memorial TT and the results for the 8 May evening 10 are now posted, all I need now are the results for last weeks evening 10 and I'll be up to date.
And, last but not least, Lez has beaten the club 25 mile trike record with a time of 1.04.14 on the H25/14 last Sunday.
05 May 2002 The Mal Rees Memorial TT was won by Robin Jackson in 21.22, with Colin Roshier 2nd (21.34) and John Sullivan 3rd (21.38). Gail Hannah got fastest lady (25.33) with Della McGavin a close 2nd (25.44) and 21st Century Airports got fastest team (1.18.13).
I'm afraid it'll be a couple of weeks before any more results are posted - I'm off on holiday.
02 May 2002 Second event at Fifield, and what does Patrick do?.... He manages to break another stem! Thankfully he's just outside the car park so no harm done.  (Results)
25 April 2002 The Fifield leg of the Evening 10s kicked off well with Alisdair out doing 23.39 (just beaten by R. Jackson of the Hounslow& District).  Gail was disappointed with her 27.06 but blames the disc wheel that Lez lent her - so it's his fault!   (full results here)
On a mundane note, I've changed some text sizes and colours on the site - if any of the changes cause you a problem please email me.
17 April 2002 Good weather for the last of the early season Black Park Evening 10s, everyone managed to beat 30 minutes  (results here).  Unfortunately Michael Crane couldn't ride - his powerful legs have shattered his chain ring(?)!
15 April 2002  It's taken a while but I've managed to get a couple of articles from Mutters up.  I hope to add more articles and information on a regular basis.  Follow the link to Mutters+ in the left navigation bar.
Also, at the risk of being beaten up, I have to mention that as of Saturday April 13th Gail is a VET.
10 April 2002  The evening 10s are here again and we had a good turnout last night for the first one of the year (even David T. raced!!).   Thankfully no rain but it was a little cool to say the least.  (Results)
03 April 2002 The West London Combine now has a web presence of its own.  The results of the first two events are posted with the details of the rest of this years events.
30 March 2002 The rides are coming thick and fast now, and so are the results from our riders.  Riders, please remember, I can only update your stats. if you tell me what you've done.  Steve, now I know how you feel trying to write the race reports!
3 March 2002  So the West London Combine 10 has been and gone.  A bit overcast at times but not a bad day for racing (and not too cold for marshalling).  Full results.