A 60's Training Programme for the Computer Freaks of Today

Bryan Rex

Monday   After work, already having done 8 miles each way to Acton and back, we would go swimming at an outdoor pool at Northolt.   John Knight would join the 6 year old kids from the USAAF base being taught how to dive.   Mike Crane swam up and down the blue lines and the rest of us would try and spot him (he was thinner then).   Barry Eastwood (Uxbridge WHS) would pretend to be drowning.   The girls in our party would look upon us in disdain as we all normally got thrown out and so went to the nearest pub.
Tuesday   Again after Acton and back, have tea and meet 30 to 40 other members of various clubs at the Target and have a training bash down the A40 to Iver.   On to Windsor, join the A30 and belt back to the Wolf at Norwood Green for a few more beers at our clubroom, which was there at the time.   Please note no funny overpriced plastic hats were worn and there were no crashes.   If we were very lucky we would meet up with 40 other riders who had met up at Hampton Court bridge and then all hell would be let loose.
Wednesday   Ride to the White Hart, Southall for Jazz Club and dance yourself stupid with some poor girl - more beer
Thursday   Same as Tuesday but had to find another watering hole afterwards.
Friday   Ice skating at Richmond then back to a pub in old Isleworth where we had a singing contest with the resident Mynah Bird.   I did take a Finnish girl skating and I have never been so fast in my life.   Graham Tomlinson would play tag and was the best skater out of all of us.
Saturday   A ride round Slough over Winter hill into Marlow and back to Mal Rees' shop in Hayes.   Then in the evening look for a possible party or go to Eel Pie Island and see the Rolling Stones for about 15p.   There was an old lady in a sentry box taking 2d for us to cross the bridge to the island.   But some mean people would swing hand over hand under the bridge to avoid paying - I forgot, more beer
Sunday   Open one eye and belt down to the Grapes to go on club run all day and have lunch at a pub in the middle of nowhere.   Of course in the summer we tried racing instead.   Once after a party at Yately (Mick and Linda's) and passing out on the floor I rode the Farnham Alton course.   On return, the non-racers were still unconscious so we washed up all the glasses etc, before going home.   To finish off the day we would end up at Wood Green Jazz Club or Hampton Court Jazz Club.   Our scientific eating habits were to eat all you could in any order especially when with club mates as any dithering and they would nick it.