Old News - 2018


20 October Added Johns's telling of the adventures of Richard, Mike, Lew, Derek, Peter, Charlie & Andy, Steve, Wally and John as they cycled their way down to Paris to catch the Tour de France as it passed by heading towards the Champs-Élysées. to the Magazine+ section of the site.
08 October Congratulations to Rob, our 2018 Hill Climb Club Champion.
Not a bad showing after nearly two years out of competition due to injury!
05 August Congratulations to Nick, our 2018 25 Mile Club Champion.
02 August Results for 01 August Evening 10 posted.
Congratulations to Jon Elliott of Berks Tri Squad, winner of the Geoff Warlow Memorial Trophy.
27 July Date of the 25 Mile Club Championship changed to 5th August!
26 July Results for 25 July Evening 10 posted.
And congratulations to Shaun, our 2018 10 Mile Club Champion.
19 July Results for 18 July Evening 10 posted.
18 July Results for 11 July Evening 10 posted.
05 July Results for 04 July Evening 10 posted.
28 June No results for 27th June, roadworks again.
But... we are now on Twitter.
21 June Results for 20 June Evening 10 posted.
14 June Results for 13 June Evening 10 posted.
07 June Results for 06 June Evening 10 posted.
31 May Results for 30 May Evening 10 posted.
23 May No results for this evening - cancelled due to road works on the course.
17 May First Evening 10 of the season results posted.
14 April Added Johns's story of his & Steve's trip to Rennes to the Magazine+ section of the site.
21 March Added another of Gail's articles to the Magazine+ section of the site.
11 March Site readied for 2018 Season.
Set up for the start of the Evening 10s on the 16th of May.